The many themes of Beyonders

One of the themes in Beyonders is Person vs. World because Jason has to fight many foes in the world of Lyrian and he only has his loyal companion Rachel on his quest. Everyone else he meets is either trying to kill him or capture him and bring him to Maldor. Even though most people despise Maldor, they still follow him either because they fear him or they are forced to serve him. Aside from Rachel, who is a Beyonder like him, it is impossible for Jason to make any friends in Lyrian because Maldor will kill anyone who even speaks to Jason.

Another theme in Beyonders is Good vs. Evil because the heroes, Jason and Rachel, have to defeat the evil emperor Maldor to regain peace in Lyrian. Lyrian has been in chaos for hundreds of years because of Maldor's reign of terror. Everyone is depending on Jason and Rachel to defeat Maldor, to restore peace and eliminate all the chaos in Lyrian. The conflict between good and evil is what makes the battle scenes so exciting.

Finally, the theme of Person vs. Person is evident in Beyonders. Jason, the protagonist, is on a quest is to defeat Maldor, the antagonist. Jason's life depends on him successfully defeating Maldor. Maldor's life, on the other hand, is dependent on Jason's failure to defeat him. Their goals are in direct conflict with one another which is why Person vs. Person is the main theme in the book.