The Characters of Beyonders 

Jason Walker is the main character. He is your average teenager until he is swallowed by a hippo and expelled into the mysterious world of Lyrian,a world ruled by the evil emperor Maldor. It becomes immediately clear to Jason that his quest is to defeat Maldor,who has brought fear to the strange and mysterious land of Lyrian. Jason discovers a book that says Maldor can be destroyed if Jason says one magical,six syllable word to him. Unfortunately, the book only gives him one syllable so Jason must find the rest of the word on his own. Jason's courage and adventurous spirit give him the strength to make his way through the dangerous world of Lyrian.

Rachel is one of the other main characters in the book. S
he came to Lyrian by walking through an arch and ended up in Lyrian. Rachel befriends Jason in the Castle of the Blind King, where Maldor's arch enemy, Gallron, tells them they must work together to defeat Maldor. On her journey with Jason, Rachel almost gets killed by a crab the size of a car, nearly gets blown to pieces and narrowly avoids sinking to the bottom of a boiling lake. Rachel is a loyal and courageous friend and will fight to the end with Jason to defeat Maldor, but you'll have to read the book to find out what happens to her.

Ferrin is one of the many evil characters that you will meet in the world of Lyrian. He is cunning, ninja-like and can disassemble himself which makes him a "Displacer" - a being who can remove and reattach their limbs and head. This helps him get out of many tricky situations. While looking for the six-syllable word, Rachel discovers that Ferrin is a spy for Maldor and blows his cover.